it is dedicated to the current and future leaders of pihalnih, godalnih, symphonic, and even harmonikarskih sestavov, and last but not least to the individuals which might be the dirigiranjem you like a little more closely met. It is based on an individual approach, and the participant provides the necessary knowledge of the practicalities, and other theoretical issues.

The participants will be throughout the year to meet with the mentorjema in a six-timeto be completed with a practical work – conducting Orchestra of the Slovenian armed forces or godalnemu formation. Single the lesson duration is 100 min.. (50 min. each of the trainersand it will be designed in such a way that it will be slušatelju provided with needed to support the interpretation and analysis of the music of the text, and video analysis of his own conducting, interpretive suggestions, as well as the discussion of the repertoire and of the practical and technical advice. The lesson to be open-ended, organized in the sequence, and thus, the time-optimized. Lessons can be arranged directly related to the program, which is slušatelj are currently engaged in their work. To the extent that slušatelj does not yet have a dirigentskih of experience, or of his orchestra, it will be correspondingly, the programme is adapted. There is a possibility of passive participant.


The number of participants is limited to 10 learners in the programme.

The training will take place from January-may in the premises of the Prosvetnega the home of HorjulSlovenska cesta 12, 1354 Horjul.


The amount of the total educational program / EMARSConducting / it is 550 €.

Passive participation in the educational program / EMARSDirigiranje  160 the whole of the course.

Filled-in registration form should be sent by Friday, 16.12. 2022.

The amount of the course you will be aligned after the receipt of invoice by Friday, the 13. 1. To 2023.

In the event of your own cancellation of the amount of the course on the return.

The application form I agree that the photographs, and audio and video recordings will occur at the time of EMARSDirigiranje, will be used exclusively for the archives of the Cultural-artistic society of the EMARS on the website and in social media.


1. time / 21. January (or group meeting and individual lessons)

2. time / 18. the cw only (individual lessons)

3. time / 18. the march (or group lectures and individual lessons)

4. time / 22. april only (individual lessons)

5. the term / 30. in may (the Final examination, with the Orchestra of the Slovenian army – in the morning, from 9 to 12, in Ljubljana-of-arms)

6. the term / (evaluation of non-one-to-one deal – online)