The EMARS Conducting Masterclass is designed for current and future leaders of wind, string, symphonic or vocal ensembles, as well as individuals interested in gaining a closer understanding of conducting. The blend of individual and group teaching dynamics, featuring trained permanent and guest lecturers, ensures effective knowledge and skill transmission, whether in practical or music-theoretical domains.

The seminar will be led throughout the year by lecturers Simon Perčič-conducting and mag. Jaka Pucihar- piano, music analysis and arranging. We are particularly pleased that this year we have been able to attract partners and individuals to expand and enrich the programme in both practical and theoretical areas. We will have chamber choirs as well as wind and symphony orchestras. Individual lectures will be thematically structured in order to integrate and apply theoretical approaches in practice. In addition to individual lessons, most of the lectures and practicals will be conducted in a group. In addition to encouragement for independent study, participants will be supported in the interpretation and analysis of the musical text, in the selection of literature and, last but not least, in the video analysis and reflection of their own conducting and interpretation. There will also be various discussions on repertoire and the psychology of conducting rehearsals or projects. Due to the different ensembles involved, the programme will be pre-determined. Special attention will also be given to those who have no experience of conducting an orchestra or choir. In addition to the recommended active participation, there is also the possibility of passive participation.


The number of participants is limited to 10 attendees of the program.

The education will take place from September 2023 to February 2024 at the premises Prosvetni dom Horjul Slovenska cesta 12, 1354 Horjul. Individual practical sessions will be held at the respective orchestra's venue..


The amount of the total educational program EMARSConducting in the academic year 2023/2024 is 550 €.

Passive participation in the educational program EMARSConducting in the academic year 2023/2024 160 €.

Send your completed application form by Friday 22 September 2023!

You will pay for the training programme upon receipt of your invoice. In case of an excused absence, the lesson will be made up individually or in a group (online) by arrangement. We will not refund the amount of the training programme due to your cancellation.

By submitting the application, I agree that photos, audio, and video recordings taken during EMARS Conducting may be used exclusively for the archives of the EMARS, on the website, and on social media platforms.


1.Session / September 30 (demonstration ensemble-Horjul)

2. termin / 28. oktober (Orkester Simfonika Vrhnika)

3. termin / 25. november (Komorni zbor Danica-Horjul)

4.Session / January 27 (Wind Orchestra Vrhnika)

5.Session / February 17 **

6.Session / (individual agreement, online evaluation)

* Classes start in the morning (9:00 to 15:00) or, exceptionally, may be moved to the afternoon/evening. The exact timetable will be given to the candidate upon application.

**Final session date to be determined