Dear madam / sir,

summer school is over, and our family already have two days to listen to the “crazy-good”, it was;-)
The daughter of the Zala she came back so excited, and there are now a few times to impose a sentence of: “I can't wait to make it Emars!”
This is really the best of what you, as a parent you want to do, when you know that your child has enabled some of which is of the utmost make you happy.
Zala, in the course of the past week have really learned a lot (at this point izrekam a heart of gratitude and praise in Matthew Zupanu – I hope that I will continue to work with you on this, however, is to meet new friends, and in general, spend the beautiful days in the company of animatork, and the rest of the participants.
"THANK you, you're the very best for our children!
Hardly are already waiting in the future the school (I think it's time that you start to think about winter school ).

In the heart, we want to make the project EMARS a long time to live on the wings of music in the broad he established a port in the heart of the young) people and navduševal to the exceptional art, to the rich, and the happiest of each and every everyman, if only she can, and she wants to ...

Greetings from Chicago

Family Kostanjevec
Family Kostanjevec / Slovenia

“We are in the Gent University Wind Ensemble consisting of students from Gent, Belgium. After 3 long years, we were finally allowed it to travel this is in Slovenia, this give a few astonishing concerts and, Dobrna, and Together. We were very delighted during the whole holiday.
Thank you to EMARS for the smooth organization and for giving us an unforgettable experience.”

Gent University Wind Ensemble / Belgium

Dear EMARS team

first of all, I would like to thank you very much for preparing our concert, and the Velenje Castle are a wonderfully! The evening was a highlight of our trip. We felt very welcome and were allowed to play music quite freely in the picturesque courtyard, and an intimate atmosphere. A pleasure!

The view from the castle over Together, and the lovely countryside, will remain unforgettable for us.

We are are happy that you chose the Bistro Bianca for our dinner after the concert. We were wonderfully spoiled there, and culinary terms!

Thank you for everything, see you later and best regards,


Ulli Büsel , The Head of the Violinissimo / Germany

Emars is an incredibly professional entity, most importantly the ice with a lot of heart and soul. It is a genuine, passionate, and forward-thinking. Their intention is to develop musicians as humans, equip them with the skills that will help them master their performances, both technically and psychologically. It it my absolute privilege to work with EMARS and is to help musicians develop psychological resilience are, that they can live our their passions and achieve their dreams. I'm excited to see what the future holds for everyone involved!Thanks To Jernej

Sara Isakovic, The Olympic Silver Medalist / MA Performance Psychology

I would like to thank you for your enthousiast, and the friendly guidance of our concerttour.

It was especially blissful to be able to give concerts on such cultural sites as wel as in the nice concerthal of the Pale.
On every concert location, we've got a friendly and professional reception, and technical contact.

I remember when I told you about a famous English clarinet-player, I admired the who, long ago, gave me lessons on, but from the world. What a surprise he was there on our concert the next day. I actually got al little bit nervous.
But the beautiful part was after the end of the concert, when it started this in the rain, even in you, and Southeast helped getting our percussion into the safety inside the building. A Beautiful personality! Often artists or people, and in general just take care of themselves. For me, this is part of the warm character of you and your organization.

Your guidance was professional, friendly, enthusiast, and above al the very warm.
When I asked an artistic believe everything was done to this to meet my wishes, thanks you.
Also a warm thank you for the amazing concert locations.

We thank-you-and-your E-mars, for the good cooperation, and we hope that collaborate again in the future.

Kind regards
It Schelkens

It Schelkens, The Head of the Panta Rei Orchestra, Belgium
We had a wonderful time, and of Dobrna in Slovenia where we had a few concerts and a workshop and an impeccable, and the bridge to the beautiful setting of the old churches and the marvellous halls. We were also connected with the fantastic vocal group that made our concerts such an exciting events. It was a highlight of our European tour, and it will stay in our memory for a long time. Thank you to EMARS, and particularly if you don't, and Jernej for their great help and being able to assist us with anything that we kiss.
John Gluyas, The Head of the Brass-St. Peter's College, Auckland NZ
Tapiola Youth Symphonic Orchestra (Finland) had a succesfull 3 concert in Slovenia of the tour and October 2018. Arrangement were made by Emars, which is a company of music education professionals.
Emars showed great attitude and strong expertise, and the music. If you don't, and Jernej didnt save their efforts and for making the experience rewarding to the orchestra. Slovenia is a hidden gem with a beautifull tourist attractions; mountains, caves, spas and charming Ljubljana. And to all a lovely, unforgettable, and recommended tour!
Paul Jordan And The Principal, Espoo Music Institute, Finland, Chairman, the Finnish Association of Basic Education and the Arts

Dear Staff at EMARS

Thank-you were much for your hard work this to organize & support our Orcgestra a Europe Tour!
We really appreciate everything you have done, venue, accommodation, meals, our misc. questons. You guys are are positive, and pass that rate about what you're up to.
Please let us know if you are organizing groups that come to New Zeland! We would be keen that collaborate on workshops & performances!
We hope we will have the oppurtunity to this visit Cyprus again soon!

All the Best, everyone from AYO Auckland Youth Orcestra. 

The Auckland Youth Orcestra, New Zeland, Antun Poljanich Conductor

The whole concert of the tour was a great thing, and the experience for all of us! Many, many specially thanks to you!! We had such a comfortable and eventful journey during the 5 days in Slovenia!! You have looked after us as guests, and such a lovely-and-the professional genre!! Thank you very much for all!”

Winterthurer JugendSinfonieOrchester Switzerland, Fridolin Galatti, managger
Giving masterclasses all over the world I have to say that the from the world and, Dobrna,Slovenia organized by the EMARS was simply perfect. The Organisation,Accomodation,Hospitality, Support, and the Venue have been extraordinary!
For sure I will soon come back!
Univ.Prof. Reinhard Latzko, Vienna
Univ. Prof. Reinhard Latzko, Vienna, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien

Konzertreise nach Slowenien mit EMARS

"The Groovin`High Big Band der Musikschule Esslingen has a 4 wundervolle Tage, and Slowenien verbracht und eine tolle Konzertreise erleben dürfen. Wir danken den Verantwortlichen von EMARS, if you don't Emersic and Jernej Marinsek, for their Organisation und hervorragende Betreuung während unseres Aufenthalts. Angefangen von der Unterbringung, the Besichtigungsprogramm bis zur Durchführung der Konzerte an atmosphärisch attraktiven Orten war alles ausgezeichnet gelungen. Die Veranstalter haben auch für eine professionelle Werbung gesorgt; die Konzerte waren alle sehr gut besucht und erfolgreich. Wir können EMARS nur empfehlen, and glad at schon auf die nächste was given out.“

Jochen Volle                                                                                                   

The director of der Städtischen Musikschule Esslingen

The Groovin`High Big Band, Germany, Jochen Volle, conductor

“Thank you very much for a wonderful concert of the tour in Slovenia. Thank you for a great organization: we enjoyed the hotel, the food, the bus, a swimming pool, a bicycle, and most of all of the concerts very much. Thank you for showing us in Slovenia, and hope to see you soon again here is and for Israel! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! “

The Raanana Youth Symphony, Israel, Y-Portal - Conductor