takes place from 20 to 26 August 2023

In the summer, the school of the EMARS young musicians from different countries to increase the beautiful of the most exciting, professional and human experience.

Each and every member of the summer school will be given by the individual for hours as the hours of the classes of the chamber music of the game with the professor, which will be designed on the basis of the instrumentation, and the skills of the participants.

Two animators will be present throughout the Summer Music School to provide additional activities for the participants.

The summer school is EMARS is not intended for use solely by a very percentage of to visits leuro the child or of the musicians with a high level of education, but they are open to all who wish to gain further his musical knowledge from renowned professors. One of the goals is certainly this, that in the day to spend together. In the ongoing studies of the communication between teachers and students only limits to the lesson, and in this case, however, the musicians are faced with mentors and peers throughout the day. This is the idea, arguing for the development psychologists, since they emphasize also the importance of the touch, especially among the peers, where the young have an older model of what they are spontaneous impulse.

Accommodation and meals

The participants will be preskrbljeni by the full board and housed in the Home of charles. Joseph, in the city of Celje, the services to:

  • 6 x accommodation,
  • 6 x full board + additional meal - lunch.


The price for the entire educational programme including accommodation, meals, full animation is 510,00 € + registration fee.
Prijavnina »za članstvo v poletni šoli« znaša 75,00 €.

Ob prijavi je potrebno plačati prijavnino. Your paid registration fee will guarantee you a place at the EMARS Summer School.

Izpolnjeno prijavnico in potrdilo o plačani prijavnini / with the subject line "for Summer School membership" to the following email

NKBM d.d. IBAN: SI56 0400 1004 7404 083 BIC/SWIFT: KBMASI2X

In the event of your own cancellation of your registration fee does not return. You will be charged for the training programme and accommodation after receipt of the invoices, by 4.8.2023.

The number of participants is limited. In case of insufficient number of registrations, the summer school will be cancelled!

By submitting this application form, I agree that the photographs taken during the EMARS Summer School will be used exclusively for the archives of the EMARS Cultural and Artistic Association, on the EMARS website and on the EMARS FB and Instagram pages.