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    The price for the entire educational programme including accommodation, meals, full animation is 535,00 € + registration fee.
    The registration fee for "summer school membership" is 75,00 €.

    The registration fee is payable at the time of registration. Your paid registration fee will guarantee you a place at the EMARS Summer School.

    Completed registration form and receipt for payment of the registration fee / with the subject line "for Summer School membership" to the following email

    NKBM d.d. IBAN: SI56 0400 1004 7404 083 BIC/SWIFT: KBMASI2X

    In the event of your own cancellation of your registration fee does not return. You will pay the amount of the training programme upon receipt of the invoices, by 9.8.2024.
    You will pay the cost of your stay on the opening day of the Summer School, 25.8.2024, at the Dom sv. Jožefa Celje.

    The number of participants is limited. In case of insufficient number of registrations, the summer school will be cancelled!

    The form I consent, that it is the photo that will be created at the time of the Summer school, EMARS, will be used exclusively for the archives of the Cultural-artistic society of the EMARS on the website, and the FACEBOOK and the Instagram of the society.