Frisian Youth Orchestra

Festival Bled
Festival Hall Bled, 6. 7. 2020, 20.30

Festival Murska Sobota
Murska Sobota Castle, 7. 7. 2020, 20.00

Festival IMAGO
St. James's Parish Church Ljubljana , 9. 7. 2020, 20.00

The Frysk Jeugd Orkest (Frisian Youth Orchestra) was founded in 1977 by the Dutch musician Gerard van der Weerd for the purpose of giving young musicians the opportunity to play in a real symphonic orchestra. For twenty years Van der Weerd conducted the orchestra and they gave concerts both within and outside Fryslân and even in the United States of America, Italy and Spain. A very special occasion was a concert in honor of Her Royal Highness Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

In 1997 conductor Theo Brouwer succeeded Gerard van der Weerd. Theo had also been one of the orchestra’s trumpet players for several years. With Theo Brouwer the orchestra saw highlights abroad in playing in Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Touring with Dutch rock band “De Kast” – with whom a CD was recorded– and performing with Dutch opera singer Miranda van Kralingen as solo-soprano, were some other memorable concerts.

In April 2006 the Frysk Jeugd Orkest won first prize at the First National Contest for youth symphonic orchestras. The jury complimented the orchestra on its beautiful sound, intonation, rhythmic precision and excellent repertoire-choice.

Mission Orchestra:
The Frysk Jeugd Orkest reasons from four key values: joy, teamwork, discipline and growth. Our goals are to offer young musicians from Fryslân the chance to enjoy and learn from making music together in a symphonic orchestra. We thereby aim to inspire each individual player and help them further develop their musical skills. Exchange with other orchestras and choirs from Europe helps reaching those goals and gives children the opportunity to experience other cultures.

Gents Universitair Harmonie Orkest

Festival Piran
Tartini square, Piran, 17. 7. 2020, 20.00

Festival Velenje

Velenje square, Velenje, 19. 7. 2020, 20.00

The Ghent University Wind Ensemble or GUHO was established in 2009 by Anne Becker and Joke Durnez, two students of Ghent University. The search for a driven conductor ended in October of that year, after which the orchestra could start off its musical excellence with their first rehearsal. That evening, forty-some young musicians, hailing from all corners of the Ghentian student life, were immediately pulled in by the enthusiasm and ambition that still drive the orchestra to this day.

For one and a half semester, the musicians rehearsed every Monday. During that time period, the student group evolved into a full-fledged orchestra and a close friend group, under the expert guidance of Dimitri Bracke.

On April 1st 2020, the GUHO successfully played their very first concert in a packed Parnassus Church. This success convinced both the musicians and the audience, which ensured that the GUHO-project would continue.

In the meanwhile, the GUHO has existed for a decennium and is still overflowing with ambition. A capable organising board, composed of enthusiastic students, takes care of the daily operations of the orchestra. The GUHO gives two set concerts a year, in December and in May. In recent years, there have also been concerts for charity, for Ghent University and for the yearly Ghent Festival 'De Gentse Feesten'. In addition, the GUHO also organises rehearsal weekends, cultural excursions, teambuilding activities and so much more.

All of this ensures that in 2020, the GUHO consists of an enthusiastic group of about eighty young musicians who strive to make music together with lots of pleasure, on a high level.

Viotta Symphony Orchestra

Festival OKARINA
BLED stage, 20. 7. 2020, 20.30
Festival Murska Sobota
Murska Sobota Castle, 21. 7. 2020, 20.00
Festival IMAGO
St. James's Parish Church Ljubljana , 22. 7. 2020, 20.00
Festival ARSANA Ptuj
Ptuj, 23. 7. 2020, 20.00
The Viotta SymphonyOrchestrais our senior orchestra.Its highly skilledmusicians,between 14 and 20 years of age, come fromall over the province of South-Holland and occasionally beyond. The Viotta SymphonyOrchestrainterpretsfamous and lesser known large-scaleworksby composerslikeBrahms, Tchaikovsky, Strawinskyand Shostakovich.Every other year, the Viotta Symphony Orchestragoes on concert tour abroad. Our participation in international music festivals has always beenmuch welcomed by the host organizers, providingour members an excellentchance to meet young musicians from other parts of Europe.
In addition,the winner of the Viotta Award in the annual PrincesChristina Concoursfor talented young musicians is offered the opportunity to perform as a soloistwith the Viotta SymphonyOrchestra. In 1992 the now world famous violinist Janine Jansen was one of these talented musicians!


Concert of EMARS Summer School Tutors

Festival EMARS
Concert Hall Terme Dobrna,  23. 8. 2020, 20.00

Our summer school enables young musicians from different countries to enrich themselves with artistic, technical and life experience.Each member of this summer school will have individual lessons as well as chamber music lessons with a chosen professor. The latter will be carefully devised on the basis of instrumentation and the knowledge of a particular participant.

As an introduction to the Summer School EMARS, we organize a concert every year by the profesor of the summer school.

EMARS summer school is not only intended for highly talented children or well-educated musicians. Everybody who wants to upgrade their musical knowledge with a renowned professor is kindly invited to take part. One of the main goals we offer our students is to spend the days together. Regular lessons usually bring a student and his professor together only at the time of their lecture, while our summer school offers a better way of building a strong bond between students, mentors and peers throughout the day. The idea is also supported by developmental psychologists – especially the contact among the younger and the older is very important because the younger spontaneously follow the example of the older ones.

EMONA string quartet

Festival EMARS

Concert Hall Terme Dobrna,  23. 8. 2020, 20.00
The Emona String Quartet, consisting of violinists Tim Skalar Demšar and Neža Capuder, violist Tilen Udovič and cellist Katarina Kozjek, was officially formed in September 2018. Before that, the musicians have already participated in a piano quintet with pianist Alvin Čućić, led by Miha Haas. however, since 2018 they have been educated in the class of prof. Janez Podlesko. They regularly perform at many music evenings and festivals, training with various professors such as Emile Cantor, Goran Bakrač and Wendy Enderle Champney. This year, they achieved their greatest success to date at the TEMSIG national competition; they won the 1st prize and a special commendation for the performance of a composition by a Slovenian composer. As members of the ensemble, all members of the ensemble successfully participate in domestic and foreign competitions and regularly collaborate with renowned orchestras, including the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and the Ljubljana SNG Opera and Ballet Orchestra.


Festival EMARS

Concert Hall Terme Dobrna,  23. 8. 2020, 20.00
Patricija FAJDIGA - flute
Alice VECCHIO - harfa

The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra and EMARSMaster Soloists

Festival EMARS

Concert Baroque Hall Radovljica,  8. 11. 2020, 19.00
EMARSMaster presents the highest level in EMARS project for aspiring young musicians of all ages, whose main drive in life is music. It facilitates a step up from conventional musical education, taught by world-class professors over the course of the school year (who aid in the discovery and encouragement of exceptional musical talents).