St. Peter’s Euro tour Band

Franciscan Monastery Nazareth
Nazarje, 21. 4. 2019,  18.00

EMARS Festival 
Concert Hall Terme Dobrna, 22. 4.  2019, 17.00

St Peter’s Euro tour Band is a group of young St Peter’s College students that decided to undertake opportunity to visit centres of European art and music. They are led by John Gluyas Head of Brass and Director of Symphonic Band at St Peter’s College who also arrange several compositions that will be performed in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy. Band is mix of accomplished musicians and younger musicians, woodwind,brass and string instrumentalists that enjoy playing together. Except visiting important museums, theatres and music halls the will perform series of concerts with the eclectic repertoire from NZ favourite songs to Croatian and Slovenian folk songs. They will visit; Rome, Napoli, Bari, Dubrovnik, Dobrna, Ljubljana, and Vienna. At the end of their journey in Vienna they will have workshop at the J. S. Bach Conservatorium with their woodwind specialists.



We began singing the Sunflowers together during the elementary school, now 12 years ago, when four of our girls encouraged our co-writer Katja Gruber to join us together. At that time, we acted under the name of i-chorus, and the true Sunflowers became more than 3 years old and then invited one more - our youngest singer Manjo.

With beautiful melodies, we try to sow into the hearts of people at various events and various celebrations, especially in local places, as well as elsewhere. In the year 2016, we first attended the Sozvočenje competition and received a cash prize for the purchase of notebooks and a special prize for the implementation of the most interesting music program, which was compiled by our former artistic director, Katja Gruber, on the theme "In the world, you are the sun". We prefer to interact with interesting events of Slovene folk songs and Slovenian pop songs, otherwise we also like to tackle unfamiliar songs. Since each is itself its own world and the time when we are together is ideal for anything other than singing, our exercises almost always prolong and become even more interesting.
In December 2018 we went to Argentina to sing a wedding with their singers, while at the same time we regularly performed at meetings with various Argentinian hosts and rounded up with a concert where we presented the diversity of Slovene folk songs to the local audience and delighted them above Slovenia.

Concert EMARSMaster

EMARS Festival 
Concert Hall Terme Dobrna, 19. 5. 2019, 17.00 and 19.30

EMARSMaster presents the highest level in EMARS project for aspiring young musicians of all ages, whose main drive in life is music. It facilitates a step up from conventional musical education, taught by world-class professors over the course of the school year (who aid in the discovery and encouragement of exceptional musical talents).

Jugendblasorchester Schüpfheim 

House of Culture Janez Trdina 
Novo mesto, 14. 6. 2019, 18.00

21 st International Youth Festival Postojna
Postojna cave, 15. 06. 2019, 10.30

The JBS Schüpfheim is a fully developed wind orchestra with 45 enthusiastic teenager at the age of 12–21 years. We are the biggest orchestra in the conservatoire Schüpfheim and exist since 1977. 

Schüpfheim is a village in the middle of switzerland with a population of 4200 people. To play in a wind orchestra has a great tradition in our region. 

Under the direction from Fritz Zihlmann (1977–1985), Robert Balmer (1985–1994), Paul Kipfer (1994–2000), David Engel (2000–2010), Dave McVeigh (2010–2015) and Marius Brunner (2015–2018) develop the orchestra to a national parameter. At the moment the director of the orchestra is Florentin Setz. He`s also grown up in Schüpfheim and is 27 years old. Florentin stuied at the university of music in Luzern and Zürich.

During the last 20 years the orchestra could  achieve sustained success:
2004 1. Position at the federal competitons in Chur
(Swiss master in the category 1. class)

2008 1. Position at the federal competitons in Solothurn
(Swiss master in the 1. class)

2009 1. Postiton at the cantonal competition in Wolhusen
(cantonal master in the 1. class)

2015 Participation at the Europees Muziekfestival foor the jeugn – Neerpelt – Belgium

2017 1. Position at the cantonal competition in Schüpfheim
(cantonal master in the 1. class)

2018 1. Position at the cantonal competition in Schüpfheim
(cantonal master in the 1. class)

During the schoolyear we practise once or twice a week and plays music notes at the level of second class. In the Easter school holidays we make a music camp during one week and prepare our musical programm. 

It`s important for us that we support the teenager in their musical talent and also in their sozial attitude. We want to create some unforgettable impressions with our orchestra music. 

Copenhagen Region Youth Symphony Orchestra

EMARS Festival 
Promenade Terme Dobrna, 8. 7. 2019, 20.00

Festival Bled
Festival Hall, 9. 7. 2019, 20.30

Festival Murska Sobota
Murska Sobota Castle, 11. 7. 2019, 20.00

The orchestra was established in 1988 on the initiative of the County council of Copenhagen. DUSIKA has about 60 members in the ages 13 to 25. The orchestra gives young musicians in the Region of Copenhagen an opportunity to be a part of a symphonic orchestra with a thoroughly and professional instruction. The orchestra members plays classical music with passion and contagious enthusiasm and some of them studies at The Royal Accademy of Music in Copenhagen. The Orchestra likes to play Carl Nielsen – one of our Danish composers and Romantic music

Christian Schmiedescamp has been conducting DUSIKA for the last five years. He is very ambitious and he isis also working  as principal trombone with the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

DUSIKA gives about 8-10 concerts every year, and frequently visits other countries. In recent years Dusika has been to the Faeroe Islands, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Polen, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Scotland, Czech republic  and Australia.

Harmonie Panta Rei

Festival Okarina Bled
Promenade Bled, 28. 07. 2019, 20.30

EMARS Festival 
Promenade Terme Dobrna, 30. 7. 2019, 20.00

21 st International Youth Festival Postojna
Postojna cave, 31. 07. 2019, 10.30

Festival Murska Sobota
Murska Sobota Castle, 01. 08. 2019, 20.00

Panta Rei is a wind orchestra that was established in 1995. We’ve taken this musical journey to meet you all the way from Leuven (Belgium). We currently consist of about forty talented and enthusiastic musicians, with almost everyone having studied at the music academy. Our members strive to find each other in music and to share their passion with as many people as possible.

Panta Rei offers its musicians the chance to discover their musical identity within a group of like-minded people. The acquired theoretical knowledge and individual skills suddenly obtain a whole new dimension when the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Some of our musicians have even gone on to continue their musical education at one of Belgium’s music universities and are professional musicians.

Not only is Panta Rei a wind orchestra of high standard – they find themselves among the top wind bands and orchestra’s in Belgium, performing in the “Honours” division of the national championships – it is also a place to learn other skills. The daily running of a wind orchestra is a great opportunity to learn values like friendship, co-operation, responsibility, respect, punctuality and trust. Musicians are actively encouraged to engage themselves in the organisation of Panta Rei-specific events. They help to organize the six monthly concerts, the annual concert trip, many social events organised to encourage social interaction or other – often fundraising – activities.

Every year, Panta Rei organises a concert-trip, combining social and leisure time with the opportunity to perform abroad. Over the years, they have visited France, England, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands, Greece and Spain. 2018 marks our first concert trip to Italy! We hope you enjoy our program and don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm.

Concert of EMARS Summer School Tutors

EMARS Festival
Concert Hall Terme Dobrna, 25. 8. 2019, 19.30

Our summer school enables young musicians from different countries to enrich themselves with artistic, technical and life experience.

Each member of this summer school will have individual lessons as well as chamber music lessons with a chosen professor. The latter will be carefully devised on the basis of instrumentation and the knowledge of a particular participant.

As an introduction to the Summer School EMARS, we organize a concert every year by the profesor of the summer school.

EMARS summer school is not only intended for highly talented children or well-educated musicians. Everybody who wants to upgrade their musical knowledge with a renowned professor is kindly invited to take part.
One of the main goals we offer our students is to spend the days together. Regular lessons usually bring a student and his professor together only at the time of their lecture, while our summer school offers a better way of building a strong bond between students, mentors and peers throughout the day. The idea is also supported by developmental psychologists – especially the contact among the younger and the older is very important because the younger spontaneously follow the example of the older ones.

The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra and EMARSMaster Soloists

EMARS Festival
Concert Hall Terme Dobrna, 20. 10. 2019, 19.00

EMARSMaster presents the highest level in EMARS project for aspiring young musicians of all ages, whose main drive in life is music. It facilitates a step up from conventional musical education, taught by world-class professors over the course of the school year (who aid in the discovery and encouragement of exceptional musical talents).