Saint Joseph Home with the church St. Joseph, represents a pilgrimage, educational and pastoral centre of Celje Diocese and also of wider Slovenian region.

The founder of Saint Joseph Home is a Missionary Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – Lazarists. The activities of Saint Joseph Home, still following the charism of Saint Vincent de Paul, are divided into three main areas:

Spiritual and Educational Activities

We offer and facilitate multi-day spiritual sessions, renewals and reflections, education, seminars, lectures, and cultural events, based on a foundation of Christian values to individuals and various groups. The door of our house is open to pilgrimages and groups from near and far, as we offer them accommodation, meals and the possibility of rental of the conference hall for their work. We are a house of gathering, a house of friendship, culture, and dialog, open to all people of good will.

Organ School

Educates and creates organists, who actively participate in Slovene Parish. This activity has high pastoral character, providing organists not only with practical (musical) training, but also with liturgical formation and introducing them to the work and life of the Church.

Long term care facility

By caring for the elderly and the infirm, who are cared for full-time in our facility, we wish to follow the charism of service to the poor. Therefore, we have about one hundred and twenty elderly people living with us, whose lives and work are integrated into the overall mission of our facility.

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

1681: residents of Celje build the Churche of Saint Joseph as a thanks for a cessation of pestilence. The church quickly becomes a popular pilgrimage place and it still is today, which can be seen with the two pilgrimage rallies that take place on March 19th and 1st of May.

1852: Blessed Bishop Anton Martin Slomšek invites over priests of the Missionary Society of Vincent de Paul – Lazarists with a mission of spreading popular missions to Saint Joseph’s Hall in Celje.

1933: an upgrade of a missionary house by the church.

1940-1944: the war house is ceased by German occupiers during the WW II.

1945: the house is appropriated by communist authorities.

1990: the house is in a very bad condition returned to the Lazarists

1993: the beginning of a renovation of the house

1998: founding of a Saint Joseph Home.

2008: an upgrade of the house and a start of the care for the elderly.

Saint Joseph